Swedish administration

There are 1 428 weeks to manage.

There are at least five scheduled Board meeting per year. The various areas of responsibilities are divided between the elected and alternate Board members. Every year the AGM elects an auditor and deputy auditor for a 4-year term to perform the yearly audit work. Click on this link for contact information.

The current division of responsibilities are as per below:

  • The Chairman has the ultimate responsibility for the Swedish and Spanish management and all accounting, and is also a member of the NAM Board.
  • One Board member is responsible for the Spanish operations and is also Chairman for the NAM board.
  • One member is responsible for providing shareholders with assistance when selling their shares.
  • One member is responsible for informing the shareholders via the FAM-website and by regular post in co-operation with the chairman.
  • One member is responsible for collections.
  • One member is the Board Secretary.

Each year the Board communicates and informs the shareholders of ongoing management and important matters, via the Chairman´s letter, thrice yearly, the annual report, at the AGM and via website.

Insourced administrative services - Sweden

Accounting services and subletting/rental services on behalf of the shareholders are provided by third parties and insourced by FAM. Some of these services are listed below:

  • Day to day accounting and administration
  • Communication and contacts with the Swedish Tax Authority and Swedish Companies´ Registration Office
  • Maintaining shareholders´register and records
  • Annual report and tax return preparation
  • Invoicing and collections
  • Payments
  • Communicate with the bank
  • Budget and Board meeting participation
  • Mass mailings to the shareholders, occurring three times per year

Subletting and rentals services

As a service to shareholders who wish to sublet their weeks, the Board has handled the leasing activities at the service office in Spain, NAM, which leases rental, Services include: communications with owners and prospective renters, contract administration, keeping the list of available weeks on the website current, managing the payment process and answering questions via phone or e-mail. All rentals must be made in order to comply with Spanish law via the NAM office, no other rental may occur.