Arrival Notification

Please complete the arrival notification form below no later than 3-4 weeks prior to arrival.

As an Owner you have to indicate if you want to have a car or not.

Please note that smoking is prohibited inside all apartments and that no pets are allowed in the apartments. 

It is important that everyone staying in Andalucia del Mar is well aware of and follows the Terms and Conditions that apply in order for everyone to be able to enjoy our concept in the Mediterranean and southern Spain. Link to Terms and Conditions here.

NB: changeover day is always Friday. Weeks numbers can be viewed here

When the arrival notification form is sent there is an immediate confirmation on the screen that NAM has received the notification. A detailed confirmation is also sent by e-mail.

Contacting NAM is only necessary if the notification is incorrect or you need to make amendments to your original arrival notification.

e-mail:, phone: +34 952 81 16 83

(Problem filling out the form? Try filling it out using this link instead )