Rent or rent out an apartment

All renting of apartments must be made through Nordic Andalucia Management, s.l. (NAM)

All rentals against a rental fee shall be made through NAM. Therefore, a written agreement shall be made between the Shareholder and the Lessee. The Rental Agreement shall be made on the form, which can be downloaded from the website and must be received by NAM (electronically or by mail) at least 21 days prior to the Lessee's arrival.

The Spanish authorities, among other regions in Andalucia, have introduced tourist licences for rental of properties in Andalucia. Fastighetsaktiebolagen Andalucia del Mar Anders-Ärlig (FAM) has now received the licences for all its apartments. Thus, rental is possible. However, the new legislation requires certain rules to be followed. The most important rules which are in force since 9 June 2017 are set forth herein. The rules int their entirety can be seen on the Shareholders' section of the website. There the Shareholders can see also the rules for lending weeks without any fee.

If the Shareholder fails to notify the Rental within prescribed time NAM cannot guarantee that the apartment is in expected condition upon arrival. It is therefore incumbent on the Shareholder/Apartment owner to contact NAM ton inquire about the possibility of placing the apartment in the expected condition at short notice.

For more information contact NAM

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