12 meter long whale dead on Esteponabeach


The dead herring whale that was discovered on January 19 at the beach of La Rada in Estepona was still waiting to be transported out to sea on Sunday. The whale is a full 15 meters long and is located at the fishing port of Estepona, after it was salvaged from the beach. The risk that it could explode from the gases that have formed has advised against removing the body by land, but the rough sea that has prevailed in recent days means that several attempts to tow the whales out to sea have failed. Following criticism from, among others, environmental organizations, the municipal management states that they follow the protocols that apply in these cases. According to these, the body must be carried out at least six nautical miles from the coast and lowered with weights to a depth of at least 50 meters. This is, among other things, to avoid residues floating up to the surface and ships colliding with them. The cause of the herring whale's death is unclear, but some experts state that it may have been suffocated by the intake of large amounts of plastic that accumulates in the sea and which constitutes an increasing environmental problem.