Costly damage to the beaches


The latest storm has again caused extensive damage to the beaches in Marbella, among other places, and washed away large amounts of sand. 

The municipal management in Marbella estimates that it will cost 450,000 euros to get the beaches in good condition again, in time for Easter. Up to 10,000 cubic meters of sand must be transported to the central beach of La Fontanilla alone. The strong waves cut off March 21 of part of the promenade and several beach restaurants, among them El Trocadero, were flooded by the sea. The municipal management blames the central government for not yet complying with the requirements for the construction of breakwaters, which according to many would prevent large amounts of sand from being continuously washed away and must be replaced. 

A so-called "aviso naranja" has been announced, which corresponds to a class 2 warning until Thursday noon for the Costa del Sol, the Guadalhorse Valley and the Ronda area. For the rest of the province, a class 1 warning applies. Previously dried up rivers have been flooded and strong currents are reported in the Estepona area. The storm has hurt several beaches in Marbella.