Lowest infection rate in nine months


Not since August 2020 has Spain registered such a low incidence rate of infections in terms of a two-week period. 

When the incidence figure was presented yesterday, it was 126.30 cases, which is the lowest figure since 17 August. Among the regions, only the Basque Country is above the incidence rate of 200, or more precisely 207. 

Three regions report an incidence rate of less than 50 infected. They are Ceuta, 16, the Valencia region, 30, and the Balearic Islands with 38. 

That the infection rate is the lowest since August was good news. A less good news is that the downward trend is slowing down. 

Occupancy at covid patients' hospitals continues to decline. At present, 5,100 are cared for, of which 1,489 receive IVA. This means that covid patients account for a total of 4.09 percent of the hospital beds occupied. The figures here from the Ministry of Health show that since the pandemic started, Spain has 3,657,886 confirmed infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. As of Wednesday, 79,855 people had died in the suites from covid-19 disease. 

On Thursday, the regional Andalusian Public Health Service reports that the incidence rate in the province of Málaga is 125.9. For the second day in a row, no deaths have been reported in the suites from covid-19 disease. The province of Granada reports an incidence of 130.30. 

In the region of Andalusia, the incidence rate is 164.8.