New road safety ordinance from 21 March


On 21 March, the new road safety regulation will enter into force in Spain. This means, for example, that anyone who is exposed to talking on a mobile phone while driving loses six points (previously three points) or "puntos" in the system that Spain has with a driver's license. And four points smoke for those who do not have a belt or wear a helmet. 

Pere Navarro, Director General of the Spanish Road Safety Agency, says that it is necessary for motorists and other road users to be aware of the new changes that will take effect from 21 March.

 If a road user states that he is not aware of the changes, it does not mean that the person in question avoids sanctions. 

This is one reason why the Transport Safety Agency DGT has launched a campaign under the theme "Nuevos tiempos. Nuevas normas "New times. New standards. Under the hashtag #NuevosTiemposNuevasNormas, the new traffic ordinance is published in the media (such as Svenska Magasinet), radio and television and in social networks such as Twitter between 15 February and 21 March. To inform the public but also the many foreigners who live in Spain or who visit the country regularly. 

To get back the points or "puntos", it is important to have driven flawlessly for two years. 

The "Puntos" system was introduced on Spanish driving licenses in 2006, where the driving license holder has 12 "puntos" or points from the beginning. Or eight points during the first three years as a holder of a new driving license. 

A driver who has driven flawlessly for six years receives a total of 15 "puntos". Several changes have been introduced in traffic modes. A specific website has been created to inform about all changes. The page is also available in English, CLICK HERE