Storm Celia brought heavy rainfall to large parts of the Costa del Sol on March 14, the same day that water restrictions were imposed due to extreme drought.


The weather service Aemet (Agencia Estatal de Meteorología) has issued a so-called class 2 warning or "alerta naranja" for the whole province of Málaga with the exception of Antequera (class 1 warning) until 12 o'clock on Monday. And the unstable weather will continue during the week.

At the time of writing, Ardales has received the most rainfall with 95 mm followed by Encantada, 80, Guadalteba 75 and Conde de Guadalhorce 67. Other places that received a lot of precipitation until noon on Monday are Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja (75), Pujerra and Casarabonela ( 80), Coín (65), Casasola (62) and El Torcal in Antequera 60 mm. Despite a rainy and wet week, water restrictions apply in the city of Málaga and on the Costa del Sol from 14 March. After a very dry winter, it is forbidden to use drinking water to flush streets, fill private pools, water gardens, in beach showers and unauthorized car washes. Everyone is encouraged to handle water responsibly. The decision was taken on Friday by the regional water authority and applies to areas connected to water reservoirs in Guadalhorce (pictured), Limonero, western and eastern Costa del Sol. Until last week, western Cosata del Sol had received only 21.54 percent precipitation compared to what usually comes on average. The reservoirs are currently filled to only 37.74 percent of their capacity. The situation is most critical on the eastern Costa del Sol where the dam la Viñuela is filled to only 14.28 percent of its capacity. Until last week, the eastern Costa del Sol had received only 10.06 percent precipitation from the historical average