The requirement for a health declaration for entrants is lifted for those with an EU covid certificate


Article from Svenska Magasinet 

From now on, the rules for EU citizens who have the EU's digital covid certificate and who are entering Spain will change. Only passengers who do not have an EU Digital covid certificate must have a QR code and make a digital health declaration. 

Just in time for Semana Santa and Easter week, which is one of the year's weeks with the most travelers, Spain lifts the requirement for a health declaration for EU citizens entering Spain. 

Since the autumn of 2020, Swedes and other EU citizens have had to make the digital health declaration "Formulario de Control Sanitario" on the website or via the app Spain Travel Health-SpTH 48 hours before arrival in Spain. When the declaration was completed, a QR code was to be presented at check-in and arrival in Spain. On Wednesday, the Spanish Ministry of Health announced the Ministerio de Sanidad that the requirement for the health declaration for those with EU digital covid certificates will end. 

Something that Svenska Magasinet told about on its Twitter account yesterday. An official bulletin, BOE, confirms the decision. Since the decision was made very recently, some entrants have had to show a QR code with a health declaration, Svenska Magasinet experiences. Please note that since 1 February, your EU digital covidin certificate must not be older than 270 days since you received the last dose of the primary vaccination cycle (your 2nd dose). Thereafter, a refill dose (3rd dose) is required for the certificate to be valid upon entry.