The requirement for mouth protection is eased after Easter


The government plans to lift the ban on mouth protection in closed premises and keep it only in public transport and in hospitals and nursing homes. 

According to El País, the Council of Ministers is expected to ease the oral protection requirement at its first regular meeting after the Easter weekend, 19 June. The decree is expected to enter into force on April 20 and must then be ratified retrospectively within a month in parliament. This would mean that mouth guards no longer need to be used in shops, bars and restaurants as well as in schools. 

The decision is officially made by the Ministry of Health, in consultation with the autonomous regional boards. Several have called for a longer period for the order to be eased, among them Madrid and Catalonia. In Andalusia, however, Regional President Juanma Moreno opposes the current lifting of the ban. He refers to a worrying increase in the frequency of infection and in addition to the upcoming Easter, the holiday is then held in Seville. Therefore, Moreno believes that oral protection should be maintained at least until mid-May and emphasizes that this is a decision that must be made in consultation with the infection control experts. 

The government believes that the relief is supported by the experts and a majority of the autonomous regions are expected to support the decision to ease the oral protection requirement as soon as Easter is over.