Worst storm in five decades


The situation is unsustainable and the beaches of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara cannot withstand another storm. This is what Mayor Ángeles Muñoz says, who calls on the central government to "react and implement the breakthrough project once and for all". She also wonders how it is possible that the Ministry of Ecological Conversion has so far taken five years to make an environmental report to give the project the green light. The grinders grind obviously slowly. At the same time, the sea "eats" up the Marbella beach strip. 

The beaches in Marbella that have suffered the most extensive damage are El Alicate (Costabella), La Fontanilla, El Faro, Casablanca and La Fontanilla. The port authority in Málaga measured waves of 5.60 meters yesterday. Since 1958, similar waves have only been recorded on five occasions. On April 20, 2017, the Costa del Sol experienced a similar situation with waves measuring between 4.5 and 7 meters. The coast experienced the same situation in March 1995. 

Before Semana Santa and Easter week, several beaches on the Sun Coast are destroyed. This also applies to beach restaurants with water damage and where several terraces have been washed away. The chairman of the provincial board, Francisco Salado, asks the Sánchez government to declare the area a disaster zone. The sunny coast has recently been hit by several storms. Recently it was "calima" with mud as rain when sand from the Sahara desert fell from the sky. 

This time it is the sea that "eats up" the shoreline.